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PunkdRebel Pred 11 urami
I like your words funny magic man. I just have a few questions, what's a lip on a discbreak, a wishbone, cv boots and bushes?
Adam Sheth
Adam Sheth Pred 11 urami
Would look even better if you add some bbs wheels .. but the wheels would be worth more than the car
PunkdRebel Pred 11 urami
You mean to tell me I can't sing phil collins on my test? What is this world we live in.....
Georges Mcfly
Georges Mcfly Pred 11 urami
3:02 it's not "one of the busiest roads in the whole of europe" remember your not part of our club anymore.
Ladiesboy69 Pred 11 urami
Does anyone know what ever happened to the project Prelude series?
James Stevens
James Stevens Pred 11 urami
Smashing body parts in the name of car or bike repair is standard. I change tyres on.my dirt bike despite the inevitable knuckle thrashing 🤭 a stiff carcass administers.
Kacper Borkowski
Kacper Borkowski Pred 12 urami
Leave the comment below.
Serg The YouTuber
Serg The YouTuber Pred 12 urami
Oh so the UK doesn’t have Coronavirus anymore?
Champions League
Champions League Pred 12 urami
Le mans dna
Jits Johal
Jits Johal Pred 12 urami
Gareth is annoying as hell. Feeling Ethan's pain!
Luke Evans
Luke Evans Pred 12 urami
Yes yes kwikfit do suspension we do all the time
viktorvlahov11 Pred 12 urami
In Bulgaria you can get citroen ds3 thp 155 for that money and it is great
Ross Mclaren
Ross Mclaren Pred 12 urami
Love it boys well done !! How did you end up getting the broken bolt out ? And always good to mention to pump the brake pedal up before you drive !🙃👍
Sk1ppeR Pred 13 urami
How many gloves did you change throughout this :D I feel like with each tire you changed your handgloves
Petar BANCHEV Pred 13 urami
it looked like you two were having a gay marriage and Alex was the driver
Christopher bevan
Christopher bevan Pred 13 urami
Ethan pulling the disc off catching his fingers an the noise he made while Alex was pissin himself,quality video 👌👍
Christopher Differ
Christopher Differ Pred 13 urami
I would live a three way cheap car challenge. Three of you get 500quid to get a car of your choice with a MOT. And do some shit.
Fladico Pred 13 urami
stop bullying Ethan haha
Jusuf Levnjak
Jusuf Levnjak Pred 13 urami
Great video but 330Ci is not a car for "Young people", no offence just saying.
lee smith
lee smith Pred 13 urami
Righty tighty at 10:18
Jeffory Mitchell
Jeffory Mitchell Pred 13 urami
Great video, but disappointing that we didn't get to see his reaction the first time he takes it around a corner on those new, stiffer springs.
David Frischknecht
David Frischknecht Pred 14 urami
In New Jersey I was not required to use my parking brake every time I came to a stop on the road during my road test. I was taught only to use that if I'm parking on a hill so the parking pawl in my car doesn't have to take the full weight of the car (I drive an automatic transmission).
Shaun Brown
Shaun Brown Pred 14 urami
All joking aside, I know he's moaning a lot. But the guy is giving it a good go. Can't knock him for that.
miguel antonio alcazar
miguel antonio alcazar Pred 14 urami
All i need is mcskillet's and anomaly's cs inventories and im good to go.
L Kavin Kumar
L Kavin Kumar Pred 14 urami
Saddest Guy Of The Milineum-Ethamsmale
Y M Pred 14 urami
what abt body rolling problem after the lift ? did u modify the saw bar ?
Rusty Man
Rusty Man Pred 14 urami
'Sorry Maury I'm not a gymnast' (Derek Zoolander) 2001
Aman Soni
Aman Soni Pred 15 urami
look as far ahead isnt always good especially at curves
Tim Polman
Tim Polman Pred 15 urami
Good on Mike for letting them use his 'shed'. really cool. I never knew the Z3 had non-vented front disks tough... really odd choice bmw made there..
Mr Dorifto
Mr Dorifto Pred 15 urami
Julian 7160
Julian 7160 Pred 15 urami
Watching while sitting in the bed 🛌 lol
Pianist Online UK
Pianist Online UK Pred 15 urami
Yeah, it's good thinking to include past big names. But don't get too bogged down in this. One of you looked like he was sat in a hospital waiting room waiting to have a bowel camera; the other was just a stage prop. in a bath. Keep up those challenges! (70+ viewer whose been 'doing' cars since 1955 Morris, and rubbed shoulders with a few celebs in business too.)
Fozzylozzy Pred 15 urami
No one knows true fear until you are compressing a spring and thinking all that's stopping this spring from punching a hole in your face is a couple of clamps
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Pred 15 urami
I am Ethan, I am that crap.
Joj Cena
Joj Cena Pred 15 urami
The bmw e65 to e66 7 series, the on the only ugly Boi. The face lift updated the front end and got rid of those old style headlights and kidney grill that made it look like the designers weren't fully committed to changing the design and rather just uselessly holding on to the previous generation 7 series. It also extended the taillights into the trunk so the car could finally look like it was designed be the same group of people.
tcpnetworks Pred 15 urami
.... The wobbly bit of skin under Mike Brewers chin as he was laughing at Ethan.
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac Pred 16 urami
1:23 bruh Gareth's here for emotional help
T-BONE JNR 749 Pred 16 urami
Aditya Tadoori
Aditya Tadoori Pred 16 urami
Big chungus in car form
lilion59552 Pred 16 urami
Do anyone know what brand their power tools are? I see dewalt batteries but i don't see the tool's brand
Myszek666 Pred 16 urami
This should be Ethan's next project car!! You agree? Thumbs up!
Bedryx Pred 16 urami
2:50 that Subaru on the left!
Cesar Pred 16 urami
TIL that they measure mpg differently. And all this time I was so amazed by their usual mpg figures
petros pago351
petros pago351 Pred 16 urami
ah yea the ford gt the most beautiful yet impractical car in existence
TheDeepVoiceGuy Pred 16 urami
I feel like you're poking fun at electics... Say that again when that tesla beats you at the next drag race.
SR Lawn & Landscape
SR Lawn & Landscape Pred 17 urami
When are we getting bike throttle like? Got 2 bikes in the background and let's face it for those with limited budgets you get a fair amount of fun out of a project bike without the major bills
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker Pred 17 urami
I hate to say it again, but you still didn't grease the guide pins...
eoneon667 Pred 17 urami
I always wanted one of these, it is so cute and interesting, also great mpg
Jeffrey Wong
Jeffrey Wong Pred 17 urami
I have so much fun watching this
TeslaSMTM Pred 17 urami
Should have just have the guy hand tools lol
Roller Koaster
Roller Koaster Pred 17 urami
i think the basic of a project car is the interest of the owner to motivate them to fix/mod their car, sorry but i feel sorry for ethan, this is an interesting video but all i see is a man in distress told to fix/mod a car with zero knowledge and zero ineterest keep up the good work ethan!
Brendan Walsh
Brendan Walsh Pred 17 urami
Is say the aston martin vanquish has a better sound but still an amazing sound
Puma Pred 18 urami
24:28 best part of this video. Now give me this spring :D
ALFA Pred 18 urami
Wouldn’t be as ugly if the hood was more connected to the windshield area
hexlgaming Pred 18 urami
school: dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans carthrottle: 5:49
George Waugh
George Waugh Pred 18 urami
Alex refering to Ethan as an idiot 🤣🤣🤣
Gilbert G.
Gilbert G. Pred 18 urami
18:50 had me fucking dying for some reason. Keep up the good effort Ethan, it gets better as you go
Dulara Ratnayaka
Dulara Ratnayaka Pred 18 urami
The GTR is a Emotional one
nooranik21 Pred 19 urami
Ethan is my spirit animal. This is exactly what I was like when I bought my first project car.
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong Pred 19 urami
When someone's down and says they're done with it. Please don't laugh at them and make fun of them if they're stuck on something help them out. We should appreciate someone new to the automotive industry. If we bash on them they'll give up.
ANIRUDH GANESH Pred 19 urami
Waiting for Ethan to do a ls swap or any engine rebuild....
Joshua Bell
Joshua Bell Pred 19 urami
What you are describing with those 3 minute charge electric cars are hydrogen fuel cell cars. They should be the future. The thing is the electricity comes from somewhere, and that somewhere, even once petrol cars are no longer sold, will be mostly fossil fuels, as Gareth said. Plus there isn't the pollution involved in making batteries with hydrogen cars, and lithium doesn't have to be mined. People seem to forget that lithium will run put eventually. Anyway. Fantastic job guys, love the podcasts
The Unibody Wheeler
The Unibody Wheeler Pred 20 urami
Was that the wheeler-dealer guy?
Anything& Everything
Anything& Everything Pred 20 urami
45:09 literally been doing this since I was 17 hahaha
R3D-1 Truth
R3D-1 Truth Pred 21 uro
This is going to be brutal... I almost feel bad for Ethan...let me watch- we’ll see
S Sgsportbit
S Sgsportbit Pred 21 uro
Which one of them was the Great Dane? :D
FlipFloddess Pred 21 uro
This video was shit.
Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben Pred 21 uro
Proud of you Ethan, most car guys learn slowly and don’t have two people mocking them while they learn. Love the videos you guys do, and can’t wait to see more z3 videos.
Conor Cleary
Conor Cleary Pred 21 uro
That ahh bolt pain in the bollox that is
matthew reason
matthew reason Pred 22 urami
RESTORE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joel Soto (AU)
Joel Soto (AU) Pred 22 urami
ploppy boothanger
ploppy boothanger Pred 22 urami
I owned and ran a Z3 so am allowed to comment. Why? One of the world's worst BMW's, sometimes compared to a clown's shoe. The shouty, incompetence of these guys has no limit. And sorry but - a Z3 - Why?
Joshua Hatefi
Joshua Hatefi Pred 22 urami
We need to see Ethan vs drum brakes.
Shashank S
Shashank S Pred 23 urami
Why isn't devel sixteen here I thought 80hp is high for that kit car 🤣🤣
O'Neill Pred 23 urami
Why no windows?
FireRejack Pred 23 urami
Welded the cvt on my ped, proper drift ped now
Andrew Higgs
Andrew Higgs Pred 23 urami
Ethan banging his knee on the brakes 🤣
Grandma Gertrude
Grandma Gertrude Pred 23 urami
Rebecca Berton
Rebecca Berton Pred 23 urami
i saw 1 thers a new one
Cesar E.
Cesar E. Pred 23 urami
Literally. I have a 330 CI