Project Car Novice Tackles Brakes & Suspension!

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Welcome to Project Z3, the series where resident non-car guy fixes up his project car to prove that 'if he can do it, then so can you!' This week in Episode 1, Ethan attempts to swap his brakes and suspension...
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Corristo89 Pred 2 urami
Changing suspension springs is truly terrifying. If those suddenly go and you're in the way... good luck. Remember, those things can hold the weight of a car and only compress slightly. Imagine what amount of force they release when being fully compressed and then suddenly release all that force. I've seen them smash their way across an entire garage, breaking everything in their path.
JaayOnPC Pred 2 urami
Well done to all of you it must of been a ballache that especially for the guy who's just learning. Enjoyed this video! Keep them coming!
Donatas K
Donatas K Pred 2 urami
Ethan is like me 10 years ago when I started working on cars by watching SLpost videos! Tough times, but rewarding at the end! Keep it up good work! 👍
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Pred 2 urami
Mike Brewer, the 4th member of Car Throttle.
DJ Simon Age
DJ Simon Age Pred 3 urami
Nobody... Absolutely nobody... Alex: Just cut the in half and weld them 😂
ian paulins
ian paulins Pred 3 urami
Ethan looking up like a puppy waiting for a pat on the head for being good was priceless😂😂😂😂😂
Kosmo Nautik
Kosmo Nautik Pred 3 urami
Ethan is literally UNBREAKABLE... nothing can ever break his un- pride... He's the modern Un-Hero
Serftie Pred 3 urami
I felt the tension through my screen when he was compressing the springs, but that's because I've experienced a spring jumping loose when someone was compressing it.
Joe Pred 4 urami
Everyday life of a mechanic
screw_ driver
screw_ driver Pred 4 urami
"Can a bolt break a man " 😂😂
Corey Baker
Corey Baker Pred 4 urami
Still pissed you purchase the car I was abouts to buy lmao
Corey Baker
Corey Baker Pred 4 urami
That asian guy is really fucking annoying.
Michael Slater
Michael Slater Pred 4 urami
Bless poor Alex FINALLY finding a way to be tall 😂 love the work lads 👌
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred 5 urami
Ethan looking up in confusion every time he twists a nut is pure GOLD.
Blippy Pred 6 urami
“How hard can it be?”
Carl Tilley
Carl Tilley Pred 6 urami
Ethan's little face when it breaks off! pmsl.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred 5 urami
Smashing body parts in the name of car or bike repair is standard. I change tyres dirt bike despite the inevitable knuckle thrashing 🤭 a stiff carcass administers.
Darik Buss
Darik Buss Pred 7 urami
We all know how it feels Ethan, when I lowered my Mustang I first only ordered springs, tried to replace just them, got them in and had to replace the struts too, got the struts back in and found out I also had to change the strut mounts and sway bars. I think I speak for all of us when I say good work and welcome to the at home mechanic’s Union.
Mihael Sabolek
Mihael Sabolek Pred 7 urami
Were is audi?
Darth_ Pratik
Darth_ Pratik Pred 8 urami
I wish I had a rental garage or car shop in my city where I can get to work on my car that would've been huge push for the car enthusiast in me...
robertastk Pred 8 urami
I will not be able to laugh from Ethan anymore. He now will be more mechanically inclined than I am.
TurkishStallionGamer Pred 9 urami
I feel sorry for the dog lol
Morgan Salsbury
Morgan Salsbury Pred 9 urami
“Don’t mess it up cause it will take your face off “ 😂😂😂
Luke Harley
Luke Harley Pred 9 urami
PLEASE more of Ethan working on his new project car! 😀🤣
Jose Alberto Castillo
Jose Alberto Castillo Pred 9 urami
Oh man, we all have felt the same way with our project car!
Andy Bush
Andy Bush Pred 9 urami
Springs are a hazard. Believe it or not, in Virginia USA, I could buy guns but not garage door opener springs.
Willard Dickson
Willard Dickson Pred 9 urami
iii shoulda painted those calipers while they were out lmfao
Paul Allan
Paul Allan Pred 9 urami
Jesus it's painful watching Ethan do anything car related. How can 1 person know so little about cars and remember even less. He is literally about as much use as tits on a fish! Fucking entertaining though! 😂😂🐠
Owen Mills
Owen Mills Pred 10 urami
I love how supportive Gareth is
Murdoch Pred 11 urami
Ethan, you should kick these guys asses for being so mean! MAKE SURE TO FILM IT! xD You'll get ALL DA LADIES! Love the show guys! (If I tried to do this in my current form, I'd be dead before I got to the springs.)
Adam Sheth
Adam Sheth Pred 11 urami
Would look even better if you add some bbs wheels .. but the wheels would be worth more than the car
Ladiesboy69 Pred 11 urami
Does anyone know what ever happened to the project Prelude series?
James Stevens
James Stevens Pred 11 urami
Smashing body parts in the name of car or bike repair is standard. I change tyres dirt bike despite the inevitable knuckle thrashing 🤭 a stiff carcass administers.
Serg The YouTuber
Serg The YouTuber Pred 11 urami
Oh so the UK doesn’t have Coronavirus anymore?
Jits Johal
Jits Johal Pred 12 urami
Gareth is annoying as hell. Feeling Ethan's pain!
Luke Evans
Luke Evans Pred 12 urami
Yes yes kwikfit do suspension we do all the time
Ross Mclaren
Ross Mclaren Pred 12 urami
Love it boys well done !! How did you end up getting the broken bolt out ? And always good to mention to pump the brake pedal up before you drive !🙃👍
Sk1ppeR Pred 12 urami
How many gloves did you change throughout this :D I feel like with each tire you changed your handgloves
Christopher bevan
Christopher bevan Pred 13 urami
Ethan pulling the disc off catching his fingers an the noise he made while Gareth was pissin himself,quality video 👌👍
Fladico Pred 13 urami
stop bullying Ethan haha
lee smith
lee smith Pred 13 urami
Righty tighty at 10:18
Jeffory Mitchell
Jeffory Mitchell Pred 13 urami
Great video, but disappointing that we didn't get to see his reaction the first time he takes it around a corner on those new, stiffer springs.
Shaun Brown
Shaun Brown Pred 13 urami
All joking aside, I know he's moaning a lot. But the guy is giving it a good go. Can't knock him for that.
Tim Polman
Tim Polman Pred 15 urami
Good on Mike for letting them use his 'shed'. really cool. I never knew the Z3 had non-vented front disks tough... really odd choice bmw made there..
Fozzylozzy Pred 15 urami
No one knows true fear until you are compressing a spring and thinking all that's stopping this spring from punching a hole in your face is a couple of clamps
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Pred 15 urami
I am Ethan, I am that crap.
tcpnetworks Pred 15 urami
.... The wobbly bit of skin under Mike Brewers chin as he was laughing at Ethan.
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac Pred 15 urami
1:23 bruh Gareth's here for emotional help
T-BONE JNR 749 Pred 15 urami
lilion59552 Pred 15 urami
Do anyone know what brand their power tools are? I see dewalt batteries but i don't see the tool's brand
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker Pred 16 urami
I hate to say it again, but you still didn't grease the guide pins...
Jeffrey Wong
Jeffrey Wong Pred 17 urami
I have so much fun watching this
TeslaSMTM Pred 17 urami
Should have just have the guy hand tools lol
Roller Koaster
Roller Koaster Pred 17 urami
i think the basic of a project car is the interest of the owner to motivate them to fix/mod their car, sorry but i feel sorry for ethan, this is an interesting video but all i see is a man in distress told to fix/mod a car with zero knowledge and zero ineterest keep up the good work ethan!
Puma Pred 17 urami
24:28 best part of this video. Now give me this spring :D
hexlgaming Pred 18 urami
school: dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans carthrottle: 5:49
George Waugh
George Waugh Pred 18 urami
Alex refering to Ethan as an idiot 🤣🤣🤣
Gilbert G.
Gilbert G. Pred 18 urami
18:50 had me fucking dying for some reason. Keep up the good effort Ethan, it gets better as you go
nooranik21 Pred 18 urami
Ethan is my spirit animal. This is exactly what I was like when I bought my first project car.
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong Pred 19 urami
When someone's down and says they're done with it. Please don't laugh at them and make fun of them if they're stuck on something help them out. We should appreciate someone new to the automotive industry. If we bash on them they'll give up.
ANIRUDH GANESH Pred 19 urami
Waiting for Ethan to do a ls swap or any engine rebuild....
The Unibody Wheeler
The Unibody Wheeler Pred 20 urami
Was that the wheeler-dealer guy?
R3D-1 Truth
R3D-1 Truth Pred 20 urami
This is going to be brutal... I almost feel bad for Ethan...let me watch- we’ll see
Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben Pred 21 uro
Proud of you Ethan, most car guys learn slowly and don’t have two people mocking them while they learn. Love the videos you guys do, and can’t wait to see more z3 videos.
Conor Cleary
Conor Cleary Pred 21 uro
That ahh bolt pain in the bollox that is
Joel Soto (AU)
Joel Soto (AU) Pred 22 urami
ploppy boothanger
ploppy boothanger Pred 22 urami
I owned and ran a Z3 so am allowed to comment. Why? One of the world's worst BMW's, sometimes compared to a clown's shoe. The shouty, incompetence of these guys has no limit. And sorry but - a Z3 - Why?
Joshua Hatefi
Joshua Hatefi Pred 22 urami
We need to see Ethan vs drum brakes.
Andrew Higgs
Andrew Higgs Pred 23 urami
Ethan banging his knee on the brakes 🤣
E46Rohan Pred 23 urami
It’s really cool seeing Mike on here. Can’t wait for more videos with Ethan’s project. It would have been cool to see him track it and then track it again after the mods but this alone is a big step 😅
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford Pred 23 urami
probably could have welded a nut on that broken off stud to get it out
Andy Sinclair
Andy Sinclair Pred dnevom
Brewer dropping mad hints at the pizza. Left looking like a depressed Pillsbury doughboy.
David Chapman
David Chapman Pred dnevom
Best line is from Alex "Speaking of grinding" as it goes to off camera.
Connor Whitty
Connor Whitty Pred dnevom
Watching the sheer resentment after shearing the bolt
Daniel Weatherspoon
Daniel Weatherspoon Pred dnevom
Mike walked in and stole the show! Brilliant. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't these 'collaborations' all start with you taking the piss out of the bloke? Class act taking the joke and then both building from it.
Car Throttle
Car Throttle Pred 16 urami
Indeed. It's an unlikely love story
Anwar Murad
Anwar Murad Pred dnevom
No ventilated rotors for the Z3 ???
Kevin Kirwan
Kevin Kirwan Pred dnevom
Ethan's despair is so incredibly funny! Poor chap. Now send me a spring!!!
Biggles Pred dnevom
Non-vented front brake discs on a relatively modern BMW roadster? What?! I daily a VW Lupo and even that has vented discs on the front despite it having only 59 bhp.
WeMuckAround Pred dnevom
Just me who thinks Gareth is a biiiit of a dick? Like I get he’s playing around but it seems to always be at Ethan’s expense. Whereas Alex can laugh at himself sometimes
cptfrecell Pred dnevom
The z3 will be worth it
Laukinis83 Pred dnevom
F!ckin brilliant!!! Very nice video!
Dr Phils Mum
Dr Phils Mum Pred dnevom
loool this fucking car. Love that intro
Phil B
Phil B Pred dnevom
Literally the worst video you’ve done.
FinCash 8
FinCash 8 Pred dnevom
when he snapped the bolt putting the suspension back it seemed like he was gonna cry the poor lad
Juan C
Juan C Pred dnevom
Ok guys, here is how you use that gun, you put it on setting one, ratchet it to snug. Then you finish it with a torque wrench. Setting three is for removal only.
Juan C
Juan C Pred dnevom
You can get the dewalt version of that Mac impact wrench in Lowes or Home Depot with charger and 4ah battery for 199.00 usd for Black Friday.
Mark Turvey
Mark Turvey Pred dnevom
Best video yet, absolutely fantastic content. Future Top Gear presenters right here
Racingboom The Pleb
Racingboom The Pleb Pred dnevom
This and the hoonigan donk videos are probably some of the best car series on SLpost rn. Edit: MATT IS A HECKIN RIOT!
AIDEN B Pred dnevom
I was laughing like hell when ethan was swearing the hole time
Marcus Simkiss
Marcus Simkiss Pred dnevom
At 18:04. I just had a flash to Richard setting up his camping truck. and being like "be brave" XD
issigogo_mini Pred dnevom
Ethan is officially a car guy! Ethan for the win! Effin' and blinding, injuries galore, this is true project car stuff right here. Keep up the good work lads!
ED BELL Pred dnevom
My favourite bit 10:43
P Vella
P Vella Pred dnevom
Ethan’s look of triumph when he opens the bonnet 😂👏
Ádám Kovács
Ádám Kovács Pred dnevom
btw I envy those rotors
Hasenpower3 Pred dnevom
I don't want the Dodge, I just want one of these bloody cut springs signed by these legends!
Jonny Rocket
Jonny Rocket Pred dnevom
you guys are awesome...
Ádám Kovács
Ádám Kovács Pred dnevom
use torque wrench.
Jason Waltman
Jason Waltman Pred dnevom
Part 2 y'all should make him do an aftermarket exhaust. It looks like the m44? Squeezing in there to get those skinny BMW studs out is tasty 😏
mr. raspy
mr. raspy Pred dnevom
How many Oooo’s are there in this video
Youtube User
Youtube User Pred dnevom
Nice tire setup. Now make him do his own alignment.
Marko Simic
Marko Simic Pred dnevom
This video would be more enjoyable if Ethan wasn't such a terrible actor.
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